Deerheart is the nom du rock of Tom Ciorciari, a veteran of the 80s Garage scene in both NYC and Boston. Forging tunes and strumming stringed things since he was 5, Ciorciari writes songs that tear down your heart, build you back up and then make you want to fall in love all over again; songs that touch something deep inside and resonate with listeners long after the final note has faded. Over a course of seven albums, Dearhearts music spans over 100 songs.
The band, a tight-knit group of brilliant musicians who have come together around Ciorciari’s songwriting, brings life to his irresistible melodies and incisive lyrics.
Deerheart is comprised of Tom Ciorciari (vocals and guitar), Tony LoGuercio (guitar, keys and vocals), Tom Licameli (guitar and vocals), Iain Morrison (bass and vocals), Mark Pohl (drums, percussion, vocals and guitar), and Jessica Upham (vocals and percussion).
Sometimes dirty, sometimes jangly, sometimes tender, sometimes angry, Deerheart is your new favorite band.
Currently, Deerheart is hard at work, pushing to release a full album by late September.