Lennon and Katie

Lennon Ashton and Katie Zimmer are a very talented acoustic duo from Plainview and Commack. They perform for private events, fundraisers, music festivals, benefit shows and venues throughout Long Island and New York City. Lennon is a prolific and accomplished songwriter, lyricist, and multi instrumentalist. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The NYCB Theater at Westbury, and The Paramount, to name a few. Katie is a beautiful singer who Newsday named one of Long Island’s Rising Stars. She has been featured in special segments for Verizon/Fios, and has also performed at Duck Stadium, Chelsea Mansion, Brookhaven Amphitheatre, and more. Icon, and Grammy winning music producer, Jack Douglas, produced their band’s self-titled EP, Youth Be Told. Jack has produced music for iconic artists and bands such as, Aerosmith, John Lennon, Slash, Cheap Trick, Zebra, The Who, and countless others.
Together, Lennon and Katie have created a combination of music and harmonies that are captivating and timeless.

Mediterranean Breeze

John Canbakis is a musician and artist who spent his formative years in Turkey, and later made the United States his permanent home, but has continued to travel the world performing his music and studying fine art.
An accomplished guitar player and vocalist, John’s unique style is influenced by Gypsy Kings, Paco de Lucia and Sting.  His musical style is the melding of melodic guitar patterns with mellow vocals underscored with a rhythmic undercurrent.

Neon Knights

The Epic Tribute to DIO! Performing the very best of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio solo, and Heaven & Hell. New York's premier tribute to the legendary singer Ronnie James Dio is unmatched in it's nearly identical version of the original!

Revel 9

Somewhere between the catchy melodies of pop and the aggression of metal can be found the realm of today’s hard rock.  Revel 9 takes great care to blend the best from those two fan-heavy genres.  Fans of bands like Chevelle, Deftones, A Perfect Circle and Three Days Grace really have a lot to find in Revel 9.

Sean Austin

..It Was Written...or was it? One might think in the 8th generation paternal grandson of famed writer and the state of Pennsylvania founder, William Penn and 7th generation maternal grandson of English Painter Joshua Reynolds would be singing baby Einstein lullabies in the crib while re-creating Munch courtesy of Crayola prepping for his life as the next great American artist! .. .. Not Sean Austin. In true Generation X form, it took a Seattle based grunge band and their ode to teenage confusion and suicide in “Jeremy” where he found his calling. Since that defining moment, Austin has dedicated his life to cultivating his craft- writing, arranging, and recording some of the most heartfelt music with a modern-day twist on classic story-telling. Think Edgar Allen Poe in a flannel shirt on Quaaludes... .. Austin honed his skills performing at any local concert, showcase or house party that would allow his one-man band to play. So much so that he’s become a staple in New York City’s underground talent sector and is a favored guest in many of the downtown open-mic venues including Kenny’s, Acme Underground, Arlene’s Grocery and the famed CBGB’s. A self-trained musician who plays by ear and can list the bass, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and drums as instruments he can perform well, what we have today is a strong and talented musician, who gives you his raw element, nothing fake or manufactured

Like many of the today’s rising sensations, matters of the heart, struggles with stardom, or simply having a good time make up the majority of the content of their music, but with Austin, it goes a bit further. “The music I create is for the type of person I once was and still am today, by translating the music from artists I listen to into my daily real life” says Sean. “Everyone has a sense of their own ‘soundtrack to their own life’ and when that comes together in peoples minds, it can lead to courage and inspiration against all obstacles. I’m convinced of it. I’m proof for at least one.".. ..In the age of single sensations, my-space phenomenon’s and ring-tone singers, Sean Austin is geared up and ready to re-introduce true artistry and musicianship. When asked of his other musical influences Austin will run down many familiar and beloved names- The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Trent Reznor, Jimi Hendrix and Bryan Adams but it all comes back to Pearl Jam. Jeremy spoke to him that day!

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